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Digital Signage.

At Prina we provide Plasmas, ultra wide screens, and LED indoor screens to ensure you draw all gazes in.

The possibility of presenting dynamic content with high quality image makes digital signage an ideal tool to engage costumers in stores, shopping malls, sales points and promotional events.

Digital Signage

Touch Screen.

Experiential Marketing at its best.

Touch screens are ideal devices to engage others in the advertising process. Information kiosks, tourism displays, trade show displays, electronic displays, digital jukeboxes, computerized gaming, and multimedia software are a few examples of how touch systems are being used today. By allowing you to interact directly with what is being played, touch screens make you a participant of what is on the screen.

Touch screen

Interactive Installations.

Interactive installations are the ultimate marketing experience for an ongoing participation with movement that will capture the attention of anyone who walks through an interactive floor, or passes by an interactive window or kiosk.

Interactive Installations

Prina Spectrum.

Make your product the center of attention by projecting 3d Holograms onto or into it with our innovative Prina Spectrum pyramid. Using an advanced system of reflection, Prina Spectrum works as an eye-catching device, ideal for product launches, store displays or promotions.

Prina spectrum


Logos, images and words can be projected upon any surface to make luminous statements. Static or dynamic, projections will emphasize and imprint your message in the viewer’s retina.


Video Mapping.

The possibility to imagine upon a structure.

Projection mapping consists in painting with projected images of light over any surface or element. In this way, fixed or moving images interact with the medium bringing it to life.

Ideal to project your logo or to create impressive atmospheres, this novelty technique will draw every gaze in.