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LED Screens.

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For a stunning visual impact anywhere.

Prina provides the ultimate LED solution for large-scale projects, both indoor and outdoor. A variety of LED screen models are available to suit the need of each project design. Optimum visibility, and the latest technological features are included in each LED screen, making them the best alternative for building fronts, stadiums and arenas, sporting events, and live shows.

Each Prina LED screen is suited to fit the particular requirements of each project. A Prina agent will be there to assist and evaluate design, viewing angle, location and environmental requirements to determine the most adequate screen model for each circumstance. Once the specifications of the project have been analyzed a personalized Prina LED screen with the appropriate dimensions, ideal pixel pitch for improved image definition and additional features will be available to ensure optimum visibility and function.

Interactive Installations


Versatility like never before.

Cutting-edge technology, clean setup and impeccable design are combined in the our Prina Pitch 5 LED screen. Modeled for the indoor rental market, our Prina LED screen delivers optimum definition and visibility and is portable, lightweight and easy to set up. This makes it ideal for corporate events, concerts, conventions, fashion shows, trade shows, and fundraisers.

Lifelike images.

Black Face SMD is the newest advancement in LED technology. By producing deeper blacks in the image, it increases the contrast and consequently the image definition.
The Refresh Rate of a screen is the number of times within a second in which the screen's hardware draws image data. A higher refresh rate will reduce any visible flickering. Our Prina LED screen's stunning 1000HZ refresh rate, also allows the possibility to record the screen with sufficient image quality to broadcast the recording on live television without flickering.

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